Monday, February 22, 2010

Alethea Austin Virtual Workshop

Sunday I had the chance to do a Virtual Pole Workshop online with Alethea Austin. PoleJunkies got her to do two workshops, two sessions each. I was only able to sign up for the Flexibility and Floorwork session.
What a wonderful experience and opportunity! I learned some things I didn't know before, and now have some floorwork moves in my arsenal. My fiance is super happy about this.
The flexibility portion kicked my butt. I don't stretch nearly as often as I should, and the stretches we were doing to improve our splits has made me sore for two days. That proves I really need to get a leg up (ha!) on stretching more often.

Alethea is amazing, and I wish I could have taken her pole session as well. I will not miss it again when the opportunity arises. She is so sweet, explains things well and I am in awe of the talent she has. She looked beautiful and stunning doing some of the floor moves. I looked more like a fish out of wate flopping around.

Practice will make perfect. Someday I will look sexy and not like I'm flailing.