Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Triples, Quads, Quint's and an online competition...

Last night's pole class was fantastic!!
On the Polejunkies forum, my instructor posted a thread on swing combinations. I printed it off and took it to class last night, in hopes of learning and trying a few. That spurred on some great creativity and "ooo try this" and "that looked great, what was the combo?" I enjoyed every minute of it and it took me forever to fall asleep last night since I was so excited.
We started with combos that were triples. This was what my printed off sheet consisted of. After doing a few of the ones on the sheet, we decided that an extra spin at the end could easily be added on. I think our greatest achievment for the night was that of a 6 swing combination. Not the prettiest move, but we did it, so it counts.

Another nice surprise was my instructor asking to use one of my Polejunkies Challenge videos for an online competition. It's to get people more involved on the forum, and get people more interested in this amazing form of exercise. She's collecting challenge videos from various people that have them posted, and created a place for people to vote on. The person with the most votes wins. I will be calling on you my dear followers to vote for me when the time comes. I'm not sure when the videos will be up, but I'll let you know.