Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beta Loot

In preparation for our puppy arriving, we have decided on a name, and got some loot.
Beta will be joining our family late next week. (Thursday or Friday) Since we are very busy during this weekend and early next week, we needed to do some shopping before her arrival.
We went to Walmart and were very disappointed in their selection. FI didn't really want to use a pink leash, so we went to Petland. Not the first choice, but short on time, we didn't have a lot of options in the location we were shopping. Next time we'll go to Pet Planet.

What we bought:
  • Crate and Bed
  • collar (green), retractable leash (black), ID Tag (Which I got in pink!)
  • chew toys (hard and soft, one that is pink)
  • food (for now, we'll go to Pet Planet for a bigger bag)
  • Stain/Odor remover
  • brush
  • treats
  • food and water bowls
Here's a pic of the loot:

We still need to get a pooper scooper and probably some more toys.  I mention the things that are in pink in the above list because I really hard to try hard to get FI to go for pink things. He doesn't want a 'sissy dog' as he says. I say, she's a girl, she needs something pink... and I like the color.