Friday, February 19, 2010

Epic Lenten Promise Fail

Yesterday I posted on my Lenten promises. No more than 30 minutes after I published my post, I was tested and failed horribly.
Work through a curve ball at me, and I couldn't stop from swearing at my computer screen. Then I went to my RCIA class. I held in my opinions until I arrived home. The class was the worst one I've had in a long time. It had nothing to do with content and it was very non-religious.

We spent the class going over the schedule of events we need to participate in for the next 40 days. On top of the regular Wednesday class and Saturday Mass, we have 6 extra full days of stuff. Given 3 of those are Easter and I'd be attending anyways, it's more like 3 extra days. So the problem wasn't the extra days, I was prepared for that. It was the way in which the information was delivered. 6 sheets of paper, which more information written than was needed. Confusing information at best. There were a lot of questions and confused people. I got home and took a sharpie to the papers and crossed out all the useless junk. It's down to 3 pages.

Needless to say, I was upset already before I even got to RCIA class, then I was slammed with information in a way I couldn't comprehend.  I got home and broke my promise several times.

Today is a new day. Same promises, just need to try again. I did better today. I think I only let one or two profane words slip. I caught myself several times and used a more appropriate word. (yeah me!)
I also called a friend and talked for a while tonight. It was nice to hear her voice and say I miss her.