Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pole for massage!

Pole class was fantastic last night. I feel bruised and battered this morning which is such a great feeling knowing where it comes from. Pole dancers are a rare breed that will try something over and over again even if it causes excruciating pain, because it's cool and looks pretty. I do believe we all have a small bit of crazy in us.

I went prepared to work on my extended butterfly last night, and ended up learning how to do a shoulder mount. Wow is that painful! To start it hurt and I was being stubborn. I have very tight shoulders to begin with, so putting bodyweight on that portion of my body against a round piece of metal was more than I wanted to handle. After attempting the mount several times, I realized that the move was actually loosening my muscles and I was able to do more. It was like a very deep tissue massage on one part of my body.

Of course to even things out I had to try both sides equally. I now have somewhat relaxed shoulder muscles that hurt to touch because the skin is somewhat raw. I've iced, heated and will ice again.  I can already see a bruise forming on my dominant side.

Even though I'm sore, I'm excited to have something new, but still know I have to perfect (or at least try to) the other moves I still have yet to get consistently.