Thursday, February 4, 2010

Adopting a fur child

My fiance and I have been wanting a dog for a while. We never thought it would fair to have a pet in an apartment, so we never got one. Now that we have a house, a fenced backyard and a dog-park a block from our house, the timing is good.

We have been to the pet stores, wandered around and had a look at dogs in places like Petsmart and Petcetera.  We've decided to adopt a dog from a rescue agency here in the city. There are numerous ones, so we've put applications into two different ones. Arf and Misty Creek Dog Rescue. I've had co-workers who have adopted from both of these places and said they would do so again. We have been looking at the dogs on these sites that are already in foster homes. Most of them are house trained and because they are in a home already, they are fairly used to kids and love people. Both very important things for us since I have 4 nieces.

It can take a couple weeks to hear anything, and then there's meetings and day trips with the dog.
I've told people this is our practice child. lol