Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend Recap and Surprise welcome home

I love our puppy dearly. She is hilarious, cuddly and I can't wait to get home to see her every day.

Sunday we had family over in the mid-morning. We ended up going for brunch at this little dinner down the road. It was classic restaurant, straight out of the 50's. Our waitress even had a poodle skirt on. Weird... After brunch they came back to our house and met Beta. She was shy and kind of just hung out at my feet. I felt bad for them since they came over to see her and she wouldn't let them pet her. In all honesty though, she's only been in the house for a day by this point.
Later in the evening after my fiance played hockey, he arrived home with a bum knee. He hurt it playing and it was very swelled up. I'm now caring for two babies. hahaha

Monday was interesting. Beta is a little young to be left without being taken outside during the day. My fiance left for work a little later, and then went home at lunch to play with her and let her outside. He made sure she had some water and a clean puppy pad and put her back in her pen. I got home, opened the front door and was greated by a happy puppy! It was so nice! Until I realized she should be in her pen. She had pushed the pen a foot to one side and created a small hole she could crawl from the kitchen to the sunken living room. Smart puppy... stupid parents. She had a few accidents, but nothing that can't be cleaned up.

Today we have moved the pen where she can't push it over a ledge and get out. I will see what I find when I get home today.