Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We are officially adopting

If you read my previous post about adopting, you'll remember it's a fairly lengthy process.
After having a phone call last week and putting in our application we weren't sure how long it would be until we heard back from the rescue society.  We got a phone call last night, and drove 30 minutes across the city to meet the puppy we want to adopt. She is absolutely adorable!
We played with her and hung out while she played with some other puppies for a good half hour, then made a decision. We called the rescue society back and told them we would love to adopt her.

The next step is a little wishy-washy. The actual adoption could happen one of two ways.
1. They come and do a home inspection and the adoption takes place at our house.
2. The come and do a home inspection and we drive the 30 minutes to adopt from the foster home.
Either way, it will be happening next week! Thursday or Friday are the days we've gotten for everything to happen.
So, now we have some shopping and internet surfing to do.
We need to pick a name. It's down to three at the moment. Beta, Karma, or Mocha.We need to buy: a crate, chew toys, bed, food dishes, food, collar, leash, wow the list goes on and on.
I am borrowing some puppy books from a friend so that will help.
We will need to look at places for obedience training, vet clinic (there is one in our neighbourhood!), doggie day care if we need to, groomer if we need, etc etc.

I'm over-the-clouds excited! I will post pictures once the adoption is official. Expect many blog entries as my fiance and I go through teething, the 'teenage years' and having an additional family member in our lives.