Saturday, February 20, 2010

Welcome Home Beta

Yesterday we picked Beta up at her foster home. It was a 30 minute drive back to our house. Sadly she lasted about 20 minutes before she got sick. I don't think she's been in the car at all so that's expected. We kind of figured that would happen, so we had her crate in the car and had a towel down. No harm done! She was a little nervous when we got to our house, so we just opened her crate door and let her come out on her own.

The evening was interesting. She had two accidents. Once because I wasn't watching closely, a second time because both my fiance and I were watching the Olympics. She is really quiet so far and follows us around the house. She was very nervous and it took us a while to get her to be used to us. She came around in about an hour and now wants to cuddle on your foot while you sit on the couch. She's pretty good with her 'sit' command. If she's excited it takes her a minute or two to figure out what you want.

This morning I took her outside and we played in the snow a little. She wouldn't go in the snow last night, but now she's running and jumping through it. She also discovered that the bone she has squeaks. 

We are both so happy to be able to give her a home. I'm excited that she's been good so far and find it fascinating that she is learning so fast. I think she recognizes the sound of her name and will come fairly well when you call her. She knows "sit" and hasn't yet chewed anything but her toys, although we are watching her very carefully. I happen to like my shoes a lot.

Expect a lot of puppy posts over the next few weeks. I'm overjoyed and want to share that.