Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grip was the issue? really?

Last night's pole class wasn't all that productive for me in terms of moves and fun. It was however, very productive in figuring out why I can't hold a butterfly and move towards extending it. The issue was not my body position, not my strength, but my grip.

My bottom hand was not in the correct wrist position. I was cranking my wrist out of neutral position, and not only causing discomfort for myself, but also losing my grip. My top hand was another problem. I was not gripping correctly up there either. It seems I prefer to use my finger tips rather than my hand and that's just no good.

My goal now until the end of level 8 will be to fix my grip and concentrate on getting my hands in the right positions. After I have that and am comfortable, I will certainly be moving onto not just the butterfly, but extended butterfly.