Friday, September 24, 2010

Fitness Friday: IPC 2010 in Review

International Pole Camp was last weekend. Lets just say I still have some bruises that are healing from the new and exciting moves I learned.

Here's a recap:
Friday: Dinner and Pub Crawl
We all gathered at a hotel for the first banquet of the weekend. Everyone introduced themselves and got to know people. The farthest traveller this year was from the UK. Long way to come for 4 days!
This year we also had 3 men attend. One has been to IPC 3 times in a row. Goes to show it's not just a women only sport.
After dinner we headed to a local bar in which two stages had been set up. We played around on the poles for a while and had a few drinks. I left early so I could get some sleep in anticipation for the fun to come the next two days.

Saturday: Workshops and Pole Jam
I woke up early and made my way to the studio to attend two workshops. One by Karol Helms, and the other by Josiah "Badazz" Grant. (Do you want The Drs.? He was on their show. Click for video.)
After the workshops, we were all shipped by the cool buses with poles in them to a recreation centre for lunch and a pole jam. Super fun time hanging out with people from around the world and learning new things. I love the look on some of the newbies faces when they learn something they thought was impossible for them.

Saturday night: Banquet and awards
PFA Flash CardsAfter all the fun, we headed back to the hotel for another banquet and an awards ceremony. Everyone was exhausted and the dinner was fairly quiet. I think everyone was ready to sleep as soon as it was done.
I won a cool door prize from Pole Fitness Association. I got a pack of flash cards. These will come in handy when trying to think of new things to learn and teach.
I also won an award. "Best Effort 2010". I love the tiny trophy!
Best Effort 2010
Size Comparison

Sunday: Workshop and more Pole Jam
I got to sleep in a little Sunday and rest up a bit. I had a workshop that morning with Alethea Austin. I learned some really cool transitions and I finally got the move called Knees. (I still have bruises from it)

After the workshop, we were bused to the rec centre again for a repeat of the day before. Lunch, pole jam and we finished with an auction.
New StageI put a bid in for a Platinum Stages Star Standalone stage. I won! Now I have a portable stage so I can pole anywhere. I'm sad it's starting to turn cold, otherwise I would totally be putting it up on my deck outside. My neighbours on one side already know I take and teach pole, so they wouldn't think it's weird. The other ones can't really see our deck, so we're good there. This also means that in the summer, I can pole in the park again!

I didn't take my camera with me so I'm waiting for pictures to be posted by all the rest of the people that were in attendance. If I get anymore, I'll be sure to post them.