Saturday, September 11, 2010

Movie Review (20): Mongol

We watched Mongol on the PVR the same night as Whiteout. Both movies were pretty disappointing. (See the review of Whiteout here)

I was under the impression that Mongol was about Ghangis Khan as a warrior and a leader. I wanted to know about the conquering he did and his reign. Sadly, the movie fell short of that expectation. The movie was about his life BEFORE he was the greatest Khan in history.

I was expecting some pretty interesting war scenes, but there was nothing. He spent most of the movie either tied up, in jail, or running for his life. This isn't who I pictured Ghangis Kahn to be.

I wouldn't recommend this movie. It didn't do anything for me historically, and there was no action. I won't dock it marks for subtitles because I don't mind subtitled movies. It's a different language and I respect that, so if I have to read it, I'll read it and can still very much enjoy it.

Hopefully a good movie comes along soon.