Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Expo Aftermath

Frenchie and I survived!
We arrived just before the gates opened and managed to make our way around the show in less than 2 hours. Our plan was to research florists, bakers, honeymoons and look into tuxes and bridesmaid dresses.

There wasn't a lot for florists and bakers. I'd say the majority of the exhibitors were photographers. We already have one of those, so we were able to by-pass a lot of the show.
I was disappointed in the number of florists and bakers. There was only two bakers, one doesn't do the sort of cake we want, and one did. There was also only two florists. One doesn't do the types of flower we do, and we didn't get a chance to talk to the other one. However, the second florist works out of her home, so we can save 30 - 40% in fees!
I have some phone calls to make next week to see if I can meet with those two vendors and sign them if they have what we want.

Frenchie came home with 5 different books on tuxes. I didn't find any bridesmaid dresses, but there's still hope.
The number of honeymoon travel books we have now is crazy. We still haven't chosen a location yet (and I'm sorry readers, but you'll never know where we are going until we get back) but we have some better ideas now.

It wasn't all that great of a bridal show, but we did get a few ideas here and there.