Friday, September 10, 2010

Fitness Friday

This week and the next, I have the pleasure of assisting in 2 more level 1 classes at the Polejunkies studio. I'm very excited to get the extra practice in the intro class.  I think I've mentioned before on how I'm uncomfortable teaching an intro class. They know nothing and need to be taught from the ground up. As instructors, we have to give participants the basics they will use for the classes following and the rest of the levels they decide to go into. Huge responsibility! The extra classes will help and since the instructor is one I haven't been with before, this will be a nice change to see how another person teaches the same basics.

I am half done my current pole routine I mentioned a few weeks ago. I didn't have any classes last week, so I got to work a little bit on it at home. This would be great news if my pole was the right height. A lot of the advanced moves can't be executed at home since they require more height. That doesn't stop me from imagining the moves and then trying things out when I'm at the studio to see if my vision works.  I have a lot of ground to cover int he next couple of weeks to get this routine finished and polished. 

The Couch to 5K is hanging around me, but it's not sticking very well. I'm not consistent and I don't go 3 times a week. I try to, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. Since I don't really love running, I'm not too bothered by it. Even with skipping a few runs here and there, I am seeing improvements. I have a heart rate monitor and I take my heart rate immediately before and after I do the jogging/running segment. I've noticed improvements in both numbers. I still can't crack the 2 minute jogging mark, but it will come. I'm not exactly following the program to a T. I'm using it as a guideline.

Exciting news: I am officially set to write my AFLCA exam on September 23rd. 2 weeks until I am done the hard part of becoming  Alberta fitness certified. This is really exciting since once I've completed the exam and the rest of the requirements, I can start to be the instructor in classes rather than an assistant which equals a pay increase. Not a lot, but enough I'll see a little bit of a difference. Time to hunker down and study. You need 80% to pass the exam. luckily it's 60 multiple choice and I have an exam prep package arriving in the mail this week or early next.