Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Cakes, Dresses and Flowers

Since the last update some good and bad things happened.
The good.
I found a website to order bridesmaid dresses off of that are about $80 cheaper than in the store. You get measured, order your size and then get alterations. Exactly what happens in the store, but without the premium price. I'm very excited!

I'm in the works of setting up some florist meetings. Got one quote and I'm not sure if it's too expensive or not. Frenchie and I will have to go and visit a few places to see what the average cost will be.

The Save the Dates are in! The envelopes are stuffed with the wonderful postcards. Half of them have stamps on them. I need to go and buy more stamps and some labels to print the address on from the computer. I know that the date is set and money is put down on certain things, but sending stuff out makes it that much more real and exciting!

The bad.
Cakes are freaking expensive! We got a quote for our cake. $480!!! We aren't doing a huge cake, and  not doing all the fancy icing. How does a cake cost that much money??!!
I found a friend that will do the cake for $100. AND that she would do a mini version for us to taste.

My dress isn't in yet. I'm a little disappointed even though it's ok since there is still a ton of time. They said it would be in early September. Sadly, it's almost October and I have yet to hear from them. (Yes, I did call two weeks ago and checked on it)

Things are coming along nicely!