Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Fall Book Challenge

The Nest Book Club does a quarterly challenge. I did Winter, Spring and Summer. For Fall, I'm going to participate as well, but in my own way.
Typically I would go through the list, and make my book choices based on the tasks in the challenge. I've read some interesting authors, and I've read some amazing books. I've also read some books that I wouldn't  normally read, and wasn't really sure why I was reading them. The challenges have been great and I love that there is some reading direction.
Summer has been slow for reading, but it did give me time to take some inventory of what I have around the house to read. Frenchie brought home 4 boxes of books from his parents house and we needed to find room on the shelf for them.
This led me to discover:

  • 37 books in my possession that I have not read (not including all the ones Frenchie brought home that I haven't had time to look at and catalogue... that makes me sound like a huge nerd)
  • 18 owned
  • 19 borrowed from someone else (mainly my family, so I don't feel so bad)
After ordering two more books off of Amazon last week, I decided it's time to clean house. My Fall Book Challenge will be to read as many books out of that 37 starting from October to December. No doubt I'll be asking for more books during the holiday season, so best make some room. If any of the books fit in the Nest Book Club Fall Challenge, then I'll add up the points.

I figure the best way to tackle this will be to read those books I have borrowed from people other than my family. I feel bad for keeping some of them so long and by now some people have probably forgotten I even have them.

Through this process, I am also going to try and gather up the books I have loaned to people and put them back in their rightful place. 

Please view the page titled Fall Book Challenge to see a checklist of books I plan to read. There is no order to them, just a list.