Sunday, September 12, 2010

Movie Review (21): Resident Evil: Afterlife

Frenchie and I went to Resident Evil: Afterlife yesterday. Let's start by saying that Alice is by far my favorite "superhero".

As the fourth installment of the franchise, Paul WS Anderson came back to write and direct. Thank goodness for that. The second and third movies were sad. I still went and I still rather enjoyed them, but I'm glad the original writer came back for the fourth. He did it justice.

Alice kicked ass. They dealt with what was left over from the third movie and moved on. I think I should have probably watched the third one again before going just for my own sake since there were a few characters I couldn't quite remember. Mila Jovovich is one movie actress I wish I could be like. I'm a huge fangirl and swear I'll see any movie she's in. I love her acting, her voice and there is something to be said for how good she looks. (I wish I had her costume designer for halloween. I also wish I had her trainer)
Claire (Ali Larter) rocked. She was fabulous in her role and I really like her character.
Chris (Wentworth Miller) didn't really surprise me. I watched every season of Prison Break with him and his acting was pretty much the same. Serious face, furrow the brow, deep commanding voice. But, I'm still a fan!
The story was decent for a Resident Evil movie. It's farfetched, obviously since it's a video game, and full of action, blood and guts. I did have to laugh when there was Alice and Claire fighting in water. How 'guy' of the movie to have the two hot chicks wet and fighting evil together.

We went to the movie in 3D because that was the only option at our theatre. I could do without the 3D. I don't get why it makes your movie experience any better. For cartoons I get it. Live person movies, not so much.