Friday, April 30, 2010

Faithful Friday: Ongoing Conversion

I never got around to posting last Friday, so this is a double whammy.

The previous week at RCIA we were to bring our favorite prayer to be put into a book that we will all receive late as a keepsake. Our class consisted of reading the prayer we brought and then signing it, giving it to the person who was going to bind them into a book.
We sang a few hymns and clapped for everyone who shared. It was very relaxing and and a fun evening.

This week I didn't go to class (gasp!). I know I'm horrible. I was having a very high anxiety day and had to sit in my car for 15 minutes after getting off the train before I was capable of driving home. Not a good way to start the evening, so I opted to stay home. I enjoyed my evening and I don't think I missed a whole lot. The topic was Ministries. Various people were going to give talks on their ministry and urge us to sign up.

I'm all for giving my time to the Church. Right now I don't have any. Someday, when I have the time to make the best of the opportunies I will be apart of a ministry. At that point I will ask questions about them and decide from there.