Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: DJ

Friday my fiancé and I are signing our DJ! We found one we liked and for a fabulous price. Check!
We have the option to have the guy as involved or not as we want. I'm going to take full advantage of this and use the DJ as a time keeper. He will make the announcements for our entrance into the hall, the first dance, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son dance, cake cutting, supper, etc. Rather than hire a Day of Coordinator to do this, I will pass it on to a vendor. I know I will be way to busy visiting and dancing to keep track of time, so having a schedule we can give him will be very important and less stressful for a family member to take care of.

I've started looking at decorations since I can do that without going a meeting with anyone. I think this weekend we might take an hour and go to a warehouse that has decorations set up for you to view. No meeting required, just go.

Caterers.. the bane of my existence right now. I want to book one so badly, but can't find the time to meet with one! It is going to be June before we decide and can meet with anyone, and I fear that is getting too late in this city. Everything books up so quickly!  This weekend I will sit down with the MacBook (or the weddingBook as I call it) and look through the sample menus we have. Then decide what it is we want and contact the various places for prices.

Day of Coordinators. A lot of the other brides on my planning forum are getting one of these. It's a person that you meet with prior to your day about timing, your vendors and how the day will go. On the day of the wedding, the DoC will make sure every thing runs smootly. The vendors are paid and there ontime. The decorations are set up and to the specs we want. All in all, very useful. I asked one decorating company to give me a quote. $1100 for a day?!!!?!! Are you nuts? I think we can do with out. At least the reception will be taken care of, and I'm hoping our photographer will be on the ball with timing. As for the ceremony, I am a habitual 'on time' person, and by on-time, I mean 15 minutes early. I truly hope I am ontime for the wedding. My fiancé said he'd be very surprised if I wasn't there early.