Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Theraphy Tuesday: On The Pole

This past weekend I got to talking about how much I love pole and the stress relief I get from a short dance session. My mom commented that she can't get her head around it. She sees it in the movies and just can't quite picture me doing that sort of thing. I explained to her (again) that it's not like the movies. For me, it's completely un-sexual. I practice power moves in my class mostly. A few transitions between moves here and there. I asked her if I could show her what it's all about. She agreed to watch.
I simply showed her all the inverts I know, a few spins, and a few combinations. She saw how much I loved it, and was very surprised at the strength it took for me to do some of the moves. She said she now understands and sees how much work it is.
I'm happy that I got to show her what it's all about. I'm glad that she was in a positive and receptive mood. I think now she gets it, and won't think down on what I love so much.

Class was... cancelled... sort of. I showed up and was the only student. So instead of teach me one-on-one, which would have been ok, my instructor offered to give me a workshop for the cost of that class instead. Count me in! So now I have to decide which workshop to go to. I know who the instructors will be, but they haven't been officially announced yet. I am leaning more towards one than the other. I will let you know next week which workshop I go for!

It was nice to get home early last night. An extra 30 minutes of sleep is very handy!