Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Guest lists

After the suggestions I got from my readers last week, I emailed my parents and future-in-laws with our preliminary guest list. I asked for suggestions, addresses and if we missed anyone very important.

My mom got back to me the next day. She is going to check with a few family members to see if they are going to come or not. It was nice to get a message back so quickly. Now I just have to wait on the in-laws to get back to us. I know they are both very busy and have guests this weekend. I gave them 1 month to get back to us. That should be plenty of time.

Thanks for all your suggestions, I told my fiancé what the plan was and he thought it was very forward of me. I told him I didn't care since we can't really book a caterer without knowing better what our numbers will be. He was quiet after that in thought, but then agreed and asked if I'd extend the deadline to a month instead of a couple weeks. Compromise!