Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: So many details!!

Now that the photographer, venues and DJ (almost) is booked, we have to decide what we want to eat. This in itself will take a while. My fiancé is only home every other weekend, and I don't want to waste use our short time together going over wedding details the entire time. Picking a caterer is a big deal. We want good food, at a fairly good price. We also want to customize our menu since we aren't particularily fond of any of the packages the places are offering. This will require a meeting or two with different companies. Because we don't have any week nights available anymore, we're losing valuable time to get this sort of thing done. I'm not sure if my fiancé is going to have a huge part in this. I may be calling on my sister to help me out.

On another note, I am starting to realize just how many details there are with the wedding. I know I have said to myself "This wedding planning is easy. Check check and check!" Well now that the vendors are almost done, the details are next. The little things that decorate the Church, the reception, the chairs, etc, etc.
What do we want on the invitations? What wording?
Where will the guests stay? Where do I want to get dressed the morning of?
How will the wedding party travel?
I'm now realizing the importance of Save the Dates, so I now have to figure out what to write on those too. Which brings up needing to get a guest list finalized. Both sets of parents have yet to send me their guest lists. I will have to send an email with a timeline on it I think.

My apologies for the ramblings, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and feel like a lot of this will happen on my own since my fiancé is gone 20 days a month. (yes I am bitter and lonely...). I realize that I still have a year but it goes quickly. I already have most of my summer planned already! I remember thinking how far out 2 years would be, but 6 months has flown by and I don't know where they went. I can't have that happen again.