Monday, April 19, 2010

Manic Monday: This is my "I miss you face"

I went down to the basement to check if my cd had finished burning. When I walked back up the stairs, this is what I found at the top.

Beta and I spent the weekend together. She learned 'fetch', how to walk on the leash better, and how to cross a bridge. She also met a sprinkler. One of those 'laughing' ones. At first she was freaked out by it, but then became curious. She got within 3 feet of it, which I'd say it pretty darn good. I was so proud of her!

Saturday she came with me to my sisters and was chased and played with by my nieces. They can both say her name really well so it was fun to see them playing with her. She slept the entire evening after we got home from supper.

Sunday we got up early and I braved the off-leash dog park that's near our house.  Beta didn't go off-leash but maybe this weekend when my fiancĂ© is home we'll try it. She did very good saying hello to the other dogs. I found out she's not fond of the river, so we'll work on that. I think if I'm standing in the water with treats, she might come in.

Once she was tired from the park in the morning, I headed off to a pedicure with my friend for her birthday. It was a wonderful time following be a delicious breakfast. And I have pretty toes! The woman giving me the pedicure asked if I was an athlete of some sort. "Soccer player?" "Uh no, I pole dance. I'm always in bare feet." "Oh, that's different." Just do the feet and make them pretty will yah?

I took Beta again for a walk to the dog park, this time in the middle of the afternoon on a hot Sunday. There were a ton of dogs. She was very wary at first, but then wanted to say hi to them all. Still on the leash for this go around, but she was getting much better. We continued training with fetch back at the house and then she slept the evening away. The above picture is her telling me it's time to go to bed and why am I going downstairs... again.