Monday, April 12, 2010

Manic Monday: Steak, Crab legs and Movie Review (3)

This weekend my fiancé was home for his 3 days off. He leaves today. :(

Thursday night he usually gets in at 9pm but he didn't arrive until 11pm. We had a freak snow storm that lasted for a few hours causing the airport he was at to be delayed since they wouldn't have been able to land at the Calgary Airport. Our major highway was shut down for a few hours so people were stuck getting out or coming into the city. He finally arrived and it was so wonderful to see him safe and sound.

Friday we went to "Clash of the Titans" in 2D. We'd heard the 3D version wasn't worth seeing. I rate it 1 star. It was awful. The graphics weren't all that great. I knew the story beforehand, so there was no surprise on the lack of plot. I just felt there was something lacklustre about the whole thing. If you want to see this movie, rent it. It's not worth the movie to go see it on the big screen

Saturday I had my first staff meeting for my new part time job. Don't be confused, I have a full time job and it's good, but I also love pole and want to start getting into it more. Starting next week, I will be an assistant instructor in training (not sure that's the proper title, but it works). I have three 6-week sessions that I will be observing and learning long side an instructor and an assistant instructor. There will be an evaluation at the end of each 6 weeks to determine where I am in my training. Once I'm done the 18 weeks of training, I will most likely become an assistant, but it entirely depends on what the owner (my instructor) has in store for me. I'm looking to get the experience and to get more pole time.

Sunday my fiancé and I went to The Keg for steak and crab legs. It was delicious! I had a larg glass of wine, and a lot of food. I went home full and tired.

It was a very short weekend and I wish we had more time together. Another 10 long days ahead.