Monday, April 26, 2010

Manic Monday: Dog Park, Pubs, and Movies

Beta took 3 trips to the dog park this weekend. She even met my coworkers dog who happened to be there.
Friday she got bowled over by a dalmation of some sort, but then a Japanese Mastiff defended her. It was really cute. The VERY large dog stook infront of her when the dalmation came running at her again.
Saturday/Sunday she played with smaller dogs, more her size. It was so great to see her playing. She would even go up to people, but of course, if they looked at her, she ran back to us. I was so impressed how close she stayed to us. Frenchie said Beta has a 20 yard radius before she comes running back. She came when we called her, she ran after the ball and brought it back when we asked her to. I'm such a proud fur-momma!

A friend of mine had her birthday last week. So to celebrate, her and I went for pedicures. It was wonderful! My toes look like the color of the aliens in Avatar. (We joked the color should be called Ava-toe)
So to celebrate with more people, we went to a pub Saturda night. It was nice to spend the evening with great friends, Frenchie and great food. The pub we went to is called The District. They are a micro-brewery, and they smoke their own bacon. For an appetizer, we ordered a bucket of bacon. How random! But SO GOOD! It's a little bucket, probably a pint size.

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